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Hydra - Poros - Aegina

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Hydra - Poros - Aegina

Hydra - Poros - Aegina

Hydra - Poros - Aegina

The most fantastic one-day cruise on the islands of Aegina - Poros - Hydra! With cheerful faces from all over the world on a magical journey to the unique beauties of the Saronic Islands.

Bring only your camera and good mood!

At the harbor, when you board the cruise ship of the One-Day Cruise, we will welcome you with officers and ship-owners who will take you to the ship's main lounge.

The definition Sea - Sun - Heaven means cruise and we are ready to prove to you why.

In the morning we depart from the harbor for the three most beautiful islands of Argosaronikos.

A few minutes after the departure of the One-Day Cruise, one of the tour guides and ship-owners will give you all the information about the ship, the cruise program and the islands to make your day as pleasant as possible.

Poros It is the smallest of the three islands and has the narrow channel that separates the island from the shores of the Peloponnese and the famous Lemonadosos where it offers an amazing view of the visitors.

Hydra As soon as we get off we have everything in front of you. Walk in the scenic streets of Hydra or take a donkey ride. Enjoy the island's state of Hydra and the beautiful houses with the characteristic architecture that are spreading amphitheatrically in front of us. Getting to know this island will fascinate you!

Aegina The largest of the three islands. Because it has a lot of interests outside of the harbor, we offer 3 choices with our excursions.

  • Our Hotel Galini Palace gives you the opportunity and provides you with the convenience to join this fantastic all-day cruise on the Argosaronic Islands.


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